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Join our initial Gen-1 NFT membership drop and help us build the first non-governmental space agency for the crypto nation.

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About the Project

A Space Agency for the Crypto Nation

The space and crypto communities share a common vision for greater political and economic freedom.

There are deep synergies between the capabilities of both sectors that can make this dream a reality.

Our core mission is to converge the space industry's technology with the innovation and financial power of the crypto markets to accelerate mankind’s off-world future.

The founding members of the CSA have spent their careers designing and building cutting-edge products for National Space Agencies, aerospace corporations, metaverse companies, the blockchain and the entertainment industry.

Now we’re going to do it for you.

We’ve started by being the first to use the blockchain to send an NFT-holder to space.  Victor will become the first off-world representative of the Crypto Nation as part of our mission to make space accessible to everyone.  We intend to send more of you soon.

But the CSA is about much more than human spaceflight.  Our next two projects involve ground-breaking new approaches to the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence and the detection of potentially catastrophic asteroid impacts, areas of research that have been largely ignored by national space agencies.

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A CSA member, Victor Esphanha, was recently randomly selected on-chain to be the first representative of the Crypto Nation to fly to space on Blue Origin’s New Shepherd rocket. The CSA Gen-1 membership was his first ever NFT purchase.

Victor is Brazil’s only second ever astronaut.

Over the coming year we intend to take more members to space.  Mint your GEN-1 membership for upcoming spaceflight opportunities, exclusive merch, allow-list access to future CSA NFT drops, tokens and more.

Core mission objectives

National space agencies serve national interests

The CSA serves human interests

Objective one

Send CSA members to space

Objective TWo

Seek first contact with extra-terrestrial intelligence

Objective Three

Protect the planet from catastrophic asteroid impacts

Objective Four

Explore unknown off-world opportunities

Join Our Crew

The CSA is not just funding space projects with crypto. Over the coming months, we’ll be announcing a series of NFT, token and arts projects that bring space technology and crypto together in mind-blowing and meaningful ways.

Seek first contact with extra-terrestrial intelligence

Future NFT airdrops

Opportunities to fly to space


Participation in community-driven activities around space projects and missions

Future governance mechanisms

The Team

The founding members of the CSA have been collaborating on advancing the next generation of space technology to power humanity's expansion offworld since 2005

We've designed rockets, jet engines, run some of the best-known space companies in the world, put together international space agreements and much more.

In early 2021 we began exploring ways in which web3 platforms could transform and expand demand for the space sector and the CSA was born! 

Our Founders

I want everyone to have the opportunity to go to space. I’ve spent most of my life financing and developing next-generation rocket propulsion systems.

I want to help transform science fiction into science fact. Media entrepreneur, film producer and financier.



I want to see our planet protected from asteroid hits. I have worked across aerospace, finance and healthcare.

As humans we can’t just remain on this planet indefinitely. We have a natural thirst for pushing ourselves further and venturing out to the stars, it’s the only way forward. Being an illustrator it’s my job to draw a glimpse of that vision.

I am a creative technologist, artist, and educator. Spend my days thinking about everything XR and building immersive experiences.

I want to help build new modes of space travel. I have spent my career in building transportation infrastructure.

I want to see humankind’s future in space. I’ve spent my life working in high technology industries including nuclear power, telecommunications, semiconductors, and Ai.

I want to develop extraterrestrial infrastructure. I have worked in transportation technology, oil & gas, construction, architecture, and electronics manufacturing.




I grew up having breakfast with the Apollo astronauts, and it has inspired my life. I have spent decades working on aerospace programs and business development.



I want you to be moved by the beauty of space. I’m a visual storyteller, helping brands share their stories and create change. I've designed cool stuff for Adobe, AWS, Warner Bros and Hubspot.

I want to uncover new sources of data. Expert in data systems with experience in transportation, energy and FinTech.




I’m an entrepreneur and full stack web developer, passionate about web3.0 and the future of decentralised space exploration.


I am a software architect and engineer currently focused on all things web3. Prior to working in the web3 space, I have over 10 years of experience working within the healthcare, construction, and security/auditing industries, helping companies to develop complex solutions for companies from the ground up.

I have spent my career leading the design, development, test and manufacture of rocket engines and space launch vehicles. I am excited by the possibility of new markets and business models applied to space.




I’ve been branding the blockchain for the past 5 years. Very passionate about Web3, DeFi and the Open Metaverse.I’ve invested, built and launched many Web3 & technology brands. Working alongside some incredible founders and developers in the space.

I believe in the future of a decentralised world, and very excited about the possibilities of interplanetary space exploration.




I’ve been integral in launching and growing many well-known SaaS, app and ecommerce companies for 14 years. I’m now investing in, launching and growing Web3 brands. I believe that the future of off-planet exploration and commercialisation needs to be centred around human, not national interests.

Help us turn Science Fiction into Science Fact

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