Crypto Space Agency
About the Project


The CSA was founded to innovate on the demand side of the space sector. We are using web3 technologies to build an inclusive space agency for a new global generation that has historically lacked access to space exploration and infrastructure. The CSA aims to be everyone’s space agency.


Victor Hespanha, a 28-year-old civil engineer from Belo Horizonte, Brazil had always dreamed of becoming an astronaut. Last year he heard the CSA would be sending one of our members to space, so he joined our community.  Three weeks later he was randomly selected to fly on Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket.

In June 2022 Victor became Brazil’s second astronaut.

He is now a national hero and works full-time with the CSA as a science communicator and business development lead in South America.


Over the coming months, the CSA will share details on its upcoming human space flight opportunity and the launch of a collaborative platform. The mission aims to make historic firsts offering individuals that have not previously had access to a space program the opportunity to travel to space. And the platform will be a mission control for your space agency activities: access to the astronaut program, early-stage research projects and engagement with our growing community. Together we can build humanity’s offworld future.

The Team

The founding members of the CSA have been collaborating on advancing the next generation of space technology to power humanity's expansion offworld since 2005

We've designed rockets, jet engines, run some of the best-known space companies in the world, put together international space agreements and much more.

In early 2021 we began exploring ways in which web3 platforms could transform and expand demand for the space sector and the CSA was born! 

Our Founders



I want everyone to have the opportunity to go to space. I’ve spent most of my life financing and developing next-generation rocket propulsion systems.



I want to help transform science fiction into science fact. Media entrepreneur, film producer and financier.

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